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Reliable SOD Delivery

SOD Delivery
SOD Delivery Trucks

Our company provides convenient sod delivery services, ensuring that fresh sod is delivered to your doorstep. We cover the entire Tampa Bay Area, making it easy for you to enhance your outdoor space with lush green grass.

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and providing you with peace of mind. If you require expert guidance on any lawn-related issue, please contact us at 813-232-1401.

I ordered 4 pallets of Empire Zoysia for my backyard which was completely dead St. Augustine. Delivery took a little longer because of weather delays but I appreciated the professionalism and communication. They let me know the sod farm was too wet to cut the sod and deliver it on my original planned date so we pushed a week. I hired a guy near by to help me with the install so the communication was key so I can keep that resource lined up as well. When we got delivery the pallets looked good. Only a few pieces had some minor weeds but didn't look like anything to be concerned about. Grass has been installed for 4 days now and is thriving. The price was right, the product was good, and the delivery was placed where I needed it. If I end up doing the front yard in the spring I'll be ordering from this company again.  
Nicholas Elliott
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