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A light application of high-quality fertilizer will help your new lawn immediately. Fertilizer should be applied lightly and frequently during establishment and periods of frequent watering. 

The grass will continue to develop strong roots, runners, and blades. As the grass grows, it will be able to resist weeds if properly taken care of. Get the lawn you've always dreamed of today.
Until the roots extend into the soil, your grass needs regular watering. You should water twice a day, in the early morning hours and in mid-afternoon. Depending on your sprinkler settings, it may take somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes to get a full soaking. 

This should be followed for 2-3 weeks, then once a day for a week or two depending on what the weather is like. After the fourth week, two or three times a week once a day will work best. Don't just set the sprinklers and forget about them. Too much water will be harmful.Don
Proper growth begins with fertilizer
Don't set your sprinklers and forget it!
Make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood
Your lawn has been planted with the best sod grown. It doesn't end there. It will need your help to continue to grow healthy and lush.