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St. Augustine could be the ideal option for homeowners who appreciate the lush appearance of thick grass blades and the blue-green hue in their lawn.You’ll find that Floratam works well in direct sunlight, while Seville, Palmetto, Classic, and Bitter Blue tolerates shade and sun. At the farm all sod grows in the sun. No matter what you choose, turn to us for the most competitive prices and fastest delivery times.



Landscaping heavily relies on grass, with Bahia grass being a popular choice due to its thin blades that resemble weeds and its tendency to grow more weeds. Bahia grass is drought-resistant, making it suitable for areas with low rainfall, but overwatering or over-fertilizing can cause it to die off quickly. In Florida's subtropical climate with frequent rain, Bahia grass may face challenges that could result in serious damage or death if not properly managed.




Zoysia is a resilient type of grass that boasts a visually appealing dark green hue, accompanied by its soft leaves, and demands minimal to moderate upkeep. A quick overview of Zoysia Grass reveals its warm-season nature and enhanced ability to withstand cold temperatures. It thrives in sunny areas but can also tolerate a bit of light shade. This grass is well-suited for regions in the south and transition zones. It can handle high temperatures and drought conditions with ease. Additionally, Zoysia Grass has low water and maintenance needs, making it a convenient choice. Its dense growth can withstand heavy foot traffic.

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